• What age range is this book for?
WorldKids Journey is suitable for 4 -10 year olds. Depending on your child’s reading and writing skills they may need some guidance.

• Could I share my story?
We would love to hear your story, your experience or advice in moving to a new country and the challenges you faced living abroad. Please email your story tellme@worldkidsjourney.com.
You can also share your story on our Instagram of Facebook page.

• Can I order in bulk for my school?
Yes, we love to help as many children as possible with their transition so please get in touch at info@worldkidsjourney.com 

• Do you ship outside the Netherlands /Europe?
Yes we do. We ship to most regions if you are willing to pay for the relevant shipping costs and/or any customs charges that may apply. For shipping outside the Netherlands/Europe, please contact us about options and costs.

• Is the book available in store?
At the moment WorldKids Journey is available online only.
If you are a retailer and interested in selling this book please email info@worldkidsjourney.com

• Where can I view my order status?
We aim to ship the orders the same or next working day. Shipping times can vary depending on the country. If you have a question about your order, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

• How much do you charge for postage and packaging
Shipping costs can vary depending on the country and will be displayed on a page before we ask you to pay.

• What is you return policy
If you are not satisfied with the book, please feel free to return it within 2 weeks as long as it is unused and in a good condition. As soon as we have received the book and have checked that it is in good condition, you will receive a refund. If you have any questions or problems send us an email at info@worldkidsjourney.com