‘Wow! It’s an adventure I would not have missed’

Hi, my name is Mees.
I was a little boy of 5 years old when I moved with my parents from a small country in Europe to the other side of the world, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Wow! It’s an adventure I would not have missed even though I had some hard times. I had to learn a new language, make new friends and adjust to my new life. In this book I will share my story. So please tell me, WHAT’S YOUR STORY?

‘Moving abroad is a wonderful journey, but it isn’t all magic’

My name is Marije. I used to work as a marketer before we decided to live overseas.
I love to travel, meet and get inspired by people with a positive attitude. I eat too much chocolate, can’t live without my morning coffee and laughs with friends. I love to run and play field hockey.

When we moved from the Netherlands to Malaysia, I had to adjust to our new situation and faced many challenges in the expat life. All of a sudden I was a stay-at-home-mum in an Asian country. I realised it was important to take care of myself and be happy so I could take better care of my son. Even though I had my sad moments of homesickness, it’s still an experience packed with moments of joy I would not have missed
When I saw my son struggling to adjust in his first months I wanted to help him. The idea of WorldKids Journey was born. I hope this book will help you to create your own wonderful journey.


Moving to another country comes with different phases, each with their own challenges. Settling in starts before moving. You can use this book in each phase; when you are planning your move or when you are just arriving at your new destination. It’s your choice when and where your journey begins.
On the left hand pages you will read the real-life story of a boy who just moved overseas for the first time. The right hand pages contain interactive content and you can write and draw your own story.
Moving abroad comes with a lot of mixed emotions. In this book you can use emoticons to describe your feelings.


This book will help you to support your child in their journey, communicate that you care, discover their feelings, worries, happy moments and support their transition. Start the conversation and embrace your new family life in a new country. Start making unforgettable memories. Be grateful and enjoy the wonderful life you live!